Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mash-up: Student Created Animated Dictionaries

I just learned about a new website from Bruce Mercer, called SumoPaint. It is free, online photoshop style website. I love combining tools to create new unique learning experiences and when I saw what SumoPaint could do, I instantly knew this would be great combined with GIFs. 

SumoPaint, combined with Google Slides and the MakeGif Video Capture Chrome Extension, will allow students to create animated dictionaries. What a great way for students to take ownership of their learning by creating individual animated dictionaries. You could also turn it into group or whole class collaborative unit dictionary, if limited on devices.  

Here is a quick video showing you some examples and the steps I took to create the slides. 

Implementation Ideas:
  • Create a dictionary for each unit, assign in Classroom, and collaboratively as a class have students built based on unit vocabulary.
  • Group students and assign various roles (example: GIF Maker, Word Maker, Definer).
  • Have students collaboratively create a whole class animated dictionary.
  • Have students create individual dictionaries and share with one another.

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